We are a grassroots organization, dedicated to the preservation of Dinkytown's History and Character.



We need your help to preserve your Dinkytown! The goal is to create an archive to be submitted to the state, generate public interest and present a series of events displaying your materials (with your permission, of course).  

The possibilities for the future are endless, and together we can make the future of Dinkytown endless as well.




The Heritage Preservation Commission voted to approve Dinkytown as a Local Historic Commercial District!

  • The district will include the 29 buildings from the 1899-1872 period of significance.
  • The Secretary of Interior’s Standards will be used to evaluate alterations in the district until local design guidelines are adopted.
  • The proposed name will be the Dinkytown Historic Commercial District.
  • City staff is directed to develop local guidelines in a timely manner, which address the eclectic character of Dinkytown and its evolution over time.


We’re looking for all kinds of memorabilia and memories that took place in Dinkytown dated from the 1950s to the 1970s, especially counter-cultural artifacts including:

  • Personal accounts and memories
  • Scrapbooks
  • Photography and Slides
  • Artwork
  • Film
  • Music and Sound Recordings
  • Letters and Postcards
  • Advertisements and Promotional Stuff
  • Publications (official and not-so official)
  • Official Records (business and residential)
  • And more!

Our partners are so vital to our success. The donation of their time and resources have been invaluable to our mission.

Board of Trustees




Minneapolis, Minnesota

President of Civitas Consultants LLC, a Silver Spring MD-based firm that specializes in community and downtown development and revitalization.
Directed an award-winning Model City program in the 1970s.
Author of numerous articles and an author or co-editor of several books, including Making Business Districts Work.




Minneapolis, Minnesota

Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee.
Anti-war movement and Bridgeman Ice Cream Parlor/MCosh Bookstore Sit-in.




Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fine arts trained in contemporary multi-media.



corporate secretary

Minneapolis, Minnesota

An attorney in Minneapolis.
Former part owner of Savran Rusoff bookstore.
Minneapolis Public Library Board for 14 years.
Attended the University of Minnesota during the 60’s and, from what she remembers, was part of the Red Barn uprising in the 70’s.



Dinkytown, Minnesota

University of Minnesota graduate with a B. A. in Political Science and French and attended graduate school at various times.
Former school teacher in Connecticut, London, Ethiopia, and Minneapolis. She has lived in Dinkytown for 22 years.
Member of the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association Board and various neighborhood committees including Land Use Committee and the Dinkytown Business Association (DBA).



 Minneapolis, Minnesota

BA and PhD at the University of Minnesota and an MA at Berkeley.
Involvement in the Dinkytown and Seven Corners counterculture since the ’50s.
Published two memoirs that touch on those times.
Teaches meditation and mindfulness for the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University.



project coordinator

Frontenac, Minnesota

Owner of the Book House in Dinkytown, USA
Activist and knowledge keeper/giver
Archival HQ go-to!



Robert Zeller

Producer of Our Journey, a counter-cultural chronicle.
Co-founder of Cold Shot, an American “alternative” media company.


Kristen Eide-Tollefson

Owner of the Book House in Dinkytown.


Barbara Camm

Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee.
Anti-war movement and Bridgeman Ice Cream Parlor/MCosh Bookstore Sit-in.


David Noble, PhD

Emeritus Professor of American Studies, University of Minnesota.
Author of ten books exploring American counter-culture.


Connie Goldman

Former NPR producer, show host and network announcer.
Author of six books on aging and care-giving.



James Reid

Fine arts trained in contemporary multi-media.


Robert R. Albee
Ellen Baker [Simer]
Edward Larry Beggs
Jack Cann, Esq.
Harold Cannon, PhD
Ed Felien, PhD
David Carlton Felland
Larry R. Glenn
Stan Gotlieb

Imagine This Community
Steve Jambeck
Dick Kavaney, JD
Dave Morton
James “Red” Nelson
Polly Nobbs-LaRue
John Palmer
William Tilton, Esq.
Diamond Dave Whitaker


Special Thanks

University of Minnesota Archives

A great thanks to Cecily Marcus at the U of M Archives for her wealth of expertise.

The Upper Midwest Literary Archives and the Performing Arts Archives at the U of M is also the home of the Twin Cities Folk Archive, a new collection that traces folk/counterculture through the video recordings of Pop Wagner and Adam Grander’s long-running public access TV program Cedar Social, the papers of the New Riverside Cafe, the archives of Red House Records, and we hope, the Dinkytown Archives.


Minnesota Historical Society

We thank Patrick Coleman and Lori Williamson for their advisory and resource-based support.


The Book House in Dinkytown

Big thanks to The Book House for acting as Head Quarters to the cause and for playing the role as gatekeeper in Dinkytown for over 30 years.


Varsity Theatre

Thank you to Varsity Theatre for your originality, artistry, and “Elegance in Imagination.”


Loring Pasta Bar

Resounding thanks to the Loring Pasta bar for hosting our monthly lunches and subsequent total sensory satisfaction.



Kilmer Design

Volunteer Graphic and Web Design