Would you like to add to our archive?

We’re looking for all kinds of memorabilia dated from the 1950s to the 1970s, especially counter-cultural artifacts including:

  • Personal accounts and memories
  • Photography and Slides
  • Artwork
  • Film
  • Music and Sound Recordings
  • Letters and Postcards
  • Advertisements and Promotional Stuff
  • Publications (official and not-so official)
  • Official Records (business and residential)
  • And more!

Physical Items

We're currently awaiting for submission inquiries to accumulate. As there will be a diverse selection of artifacts for entry into the archive, each will require different guidelines. Please fill out the Inquiry Form and we will contact you from there.

Important Note
We ask that you please not send any of your valuable materials and memorabilia until we have contacted you via the email address you included in the Inquiry form.


If your item or collection is readily available in a digital format, or if you need assistance converting your items to a digital format, let us know below...
OR email us: preserve.dinkytown@gmail.com


Photography, Artwork, Misc.

If you have access to a scanner and would like to share your items with us, please scan the item as follows:

  • Use a resolution setting of 600 dpi (or as high as your scanner output allows)
  • Save as a .raw or a .tiff file (never a .jpg)
  • Make no digital editing to the file
  • Send to: preserve.dinkytown@gmail.com  |  subject: Digital Image

Be sure to include your Name, Location and Website (if applicable)

Requirements for Digital Audio and Film

Please contact us via email about these items: preserve.dinkytown@gmail.com


We encourage you to share your photos with us on Facebook! This way, we can all enjoy your memories and engage in conversation. It also provides an opportunity for others to "tag" people they might recognize in them: a very valuable way to help us archive.

If you're not sure how to upload and share photos on your Facebook account, please watch the tutorial below: